Marquee Long Term Hire

Whether it’s to provide additional space to your venue, storage or a semi-permanent structure for corporate hire, a long term marquee hire could be the perfect solution. Marquees are adaptable and can be tailored to suit existing areas so little or no space is wasted making them ideal for storage. Sophisticated modern fabrics and strong but lightweight infrastructures mean marquees can withstand the all the elements. We can add and take away sections providing you with flexible long term solutions that change with your storage needs. With a marquee you can bring the outside, in. A marquee can be used to extend or enhance your venue. They can be juxtaposed to buildings to create additional areas and can be dressed to contrast or complement your existing space. As they can be adapted they provide the ultimate in flexible design solutions. Long term marquee hire is both cost effective and logistically efficient as only one build is necessary. We offer the same bespoke service for dressing the interior as our short term hire clients or we can simply provide the marquee.

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