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Christmas and New Year means parties galore and what better way to sparkle than in a bespoke, themed marquee. From a winter wonderland, art deco decadence to good old festive fun, the only limit is your imagination.

But marquees aren’t just for big parties, they’re a simple and flexible way to boost space for entertaining – no matter what the celebration. So, if you’re planning a last minute get together over winter or are looking further ahead, here’s why a marquee could be the perfect solution.

Home for Christmas (and New Year)

Christmas is all about surrounding yourself with friends and family and what better way than to host a mini get together for all your nearest and dearest. But if you’re fretting about how everyone will fit indoors, then fret no more. A marquee can give you the extra space you need (and it means you don’t have to worry about making your home into an access all areas space).

New year parties in a marquee are also a great way to welcome in the next 12 months away from the crowds and packed clubs and bars and if it’s in your own back garden – you can also avoid the taxi fare home.

Space for rockin’ around (Christmas tree optional)

Having more room isn’t just practical when it comes to accommodating guests who like dance or two, it gives you the option of creating different types of space within one large area.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxed ambience or want to create an energetic club feel, all it takes is a subtle shift in the furniture and lighting for a marquee to provide both. If you’re wondering whether to bother mixing up the space like this – remember, not everyone likes to party all night and a sit down and chat is often very welcome and can prove a brilliant way to wind-down the celebrations.

Community events

Marquees aren’t just for private parties, they’re ideal for communities that want to come together and celebrate the most magical time of year with a few drinks and nibbles.

Of course, Christmas doesn’t have to be the only thing you celebrate, whether you choose to party on the green or need the extra space alongside the village hall, a marquee is the ideal solution for any type of community event – from bonfire night, Easter egg hunts and summer fetes.

Make a marquee your own

Marquees are a literal blank canvas so it’s up to you to style it how you like making them truly unique. To get the most out of your marquee, always make sure it’s lined (otherwise it could end up looking like a warehouse).

Once the linings are up, you can create colour washes and themed backdrops using cleverly placed lighting and a few choice props (which we can help you source). And over the years, we’ve brought New York to Newmarket, 007 to life and the casinos of Las Vegas to Suffolk, highlighting that (almost) anything is possible.

For inspiration, take a look at our gallery where you’ll find a host of ideas for weddings, parties, and corporate events. Or, if you’ve got an idea and want help bringing it to life, contact us on 01638 663777.